A better way torespond to emergencies

SchoolSafe is an emergency response platform for schools that streamlines emergency response and helps keep students safe.

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Emergency Dashboard

Manage emergencies and keep track of students in real-time

SchoolSafe keeps a live, real-time roll call of students to keep track of who is safe and who isn't. Authorized faculty members can update the roll call as they take attendance. Easily search, sort, and filter the roll call to find students fast and efficiently.

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Emergency Alerts & Messages

Communicate with students fast and efficiently

Communication with students during an emergency is massively important, and with SchoolSafe it's simple to notify students and parents of emergency updates through email, text message, and a phone call. Students can also be allowed to set their own statuses on the live roll call, improving the efficiency of the emergency response process.

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Custom Emergency Scenarios

Create consistent scenarios that match your needs

Responding to specific types of emergencies fast can vastly improve the emergency response process. SchoolSafe makes it easy to create customize notification messages and other options for particular emergency scenarios, for example a Fire Drill or Lockdown. This also makes it super simple to distinguish between a drill and a real emergency, and run more efficient and realistic drills as well.

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Use It On Every Device

SchoolSafe works on phones, computers, and everything in-between

SchoolSafe's emergency dashboard and live attendance sheet are fully available on all of your devices — from your computer to your tablet to your mobile phone. Having an live attendance sheet fit right in your pocket is massively helpful during emergency situations, and provides an unparalleled level of convenience and simplicity to the emergency response process.

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SchoolSafe offers the emergency response features schools need

SchoolSafe is a platform created for schools, with unique features that help make the emergency response process in schools safer, more efficient and more effective.

Live Digital Roll Call

A simple and reliable digital roll call allows students to easily set their status as Accounted For or In Danger, all in real-time.

Emails, Texts, & Calls

When an emergency is declared, community members receive an alert through email, text, and call that can prompt them to set their status.

Custom Messages & Alerts

Have an update to convey during an emergency? With a click of a button a custom message can be sent instantly to all community members.

Emergency Statistics

Want to see how many community members are accounted for, and by grade? The dashboard provides valuable statistics in real-time.

It's incredibly reliable, fast, and easy to set up

SchoolSafe is blazing fast, quick to set up for your school, and so much more.

average uptime of SchoolSafe
messages SchoolSafe can send per second
expected time to set up SchoolSafe at your school
45 min
Gabriel Romualdo

Built by a student, with students in mind

Hi, I'm Gabriel, the founder of SchoolSafe.

I'm a sophomore at Boston University Academy looking to make a positive impact on schools with code. SchoolSafe started as a project within the Boston University Academy Computer Science Club, of which I am one of the club leaders. After logistical issues caused the project to be paused at Boston University Academy, I decided that working with other schools on the project would be an optimal direction to take it.

A school's emergency response process typically involves faculty members meticulously counting students, checking off attendance sheets, and liaising with other faculty members about attendance until finally ending the emergency and allowing students back into the building.

This process can be slow, tedious, and it can be distracting from what really matters — making sure every student is safe, and helping students that are in danger. I've seen emergency response situations like these in schools on countless occasions; I'm a high school student myself so I see this several times per year.

SchoolSafe streamlines emergency response and helps keep students more safe. And SchoolSafe is built for schools. It's affordable, it's easy to set up, and it has many features built specifically for educational institutions, along with the tools you'd expect from a typical digital emergency response platform.

In the past couple of months, I've been busy building some of the key features of SchoolSafe and making it more reliable, easy to use, and fast.

Right now, we're looking to learn more from schools about what they think could be most beneficial in an emergency response app like SchoolSafe.

And as the product takes shape, we're looking for schools that want to try out the app and help us make the improvements needed to help keep schools and students more safe.

We'd love to hear from you — contact us at info@getschoolsafe.com or feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss.

Gabriel Romualdo
Gabriel Romualdo
Founder, SchoolSafe

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